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If you enjoy bright lights and high-rise buildings, Edmonton makes an excellent choice. From fresh air to a strong job market and community pride, this city is not quite like the others you may have lived in before. If you are looking for a few good reasons to start looking up real estate properties for Edmonton AB, read on to learn more about this great city. 

Festivals, Festivals Everywhere

Edmonton is often nicknamed “Festival City”. Estimates put the annual festival count at around 50. That equals out to a festival almost every week. Some of these include the following: 
  • ·        FolkFest
  • ·        BaconFest
  • ·        Interstellar Rodeo Music
  • ·        Vikings in the Streets Festival
 Many of the festivals are music-related, and when there isn’t a festival that interests you, you can check out local music venues. There are many local bands in the area, prompting the local joke that almost everyone in Edmonton seems to play an instrument. Do you? 

Green and Sunny

Canada isn’t especially known for being sunny, but relative to everywhere else in the country, Edmonton is known as the sunniest. Edmonton somehow manages to average 325 days of sun every year, despite the fact that it is also Canada’s northernmost city. However, this is in contrast to very cold winters. Also surprising is the fact that some residents adjust so well that flip flops and cargo shorts are not uncommon sights during the wintertime. 

Perhaps in thanks to sunny days almost all year round, North America’s largest urban green belt is in Edmonton. The green belt is over 20 times larger than Central Park in New York and there are roughly two-dozen major parks to choose from. This leads to 97 kilometers (61 miles) or snow shoeing, skiing, hiking, biking, and skiing and walking trails.

Oil Boosts the Economy

Despite its reputation as a green city, it is important to note that Edmonton is also an oil city. One of the top benefits that come from this is low gas prices compared to other nearby cities, including Calgary. Transportation costs are further reduced by the city's advanced bus network and light rail system that stops frequently in major central and downtown points of interest.

The city's oil industry is also responsible for the continued large influx of workers and the relatively high availability of jobs. This adds an extra layer of stability to Edmonton's local economy, compared to other cities in Canada.

Find Your New Home

Though it may sound like a party-city of eccentrics and commercial business, Edmonton prides itself on being a city for raising families. To support this claim, the city provides an educational system that many experts claim is second to none. This makes the city as great a relocation option for large families as for newlyweds and singles.  

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